• Canton Fair 2020 Autumn, China Import and Export Fair

    Frame: Adopt an integrated bent beam structure to smooth the transition of pipe material through pipe bending process, reduce the gaps between welding and weld between pipes, avoid stress concentration, high strength and strong industrial texture at the weld during welding; Let us introduce from ...
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  • China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) Official Exhibitor Buyer’s Website

    Our company, Huaihai Holding Group is a leading manufacturer in mini vehicle industry, for the past 44 years we are keeping providing travelling solutions to people in different ages, classes and nations. And from a long time ago, we are caring about how to make elderly drive more safely and comf...
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  • Import & Export Fair Online | Check out

    Now let us start the first one Canton Fair 2020 , we are huaihai holding group, established in 1976, has developed into an international innovative manufacture with small size vehicles, overseas commerce and trade , automobile manufacturing and fincial services as its industrial segments after 40...
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  • 2020 Live Online Meeting | with Canton Fair Exhibitors

    “Huaihai” represents “ocean”. As ocean is spacious and endless, passionate and surging forward, Huaihai is presenting her lofty aspirations of gathering talents wide and making great causes.Established in 1976,Huaihai Holding Group is rooted in Huaihai land, with the profound cultural heritage of...
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  • The 127th Canton Fair | China’s Largest Trade Fair

    The Canton Fair or China Import and Export Fair, is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in Canton (Guangzhou), Guangdong, China.It is the oldest, largest, and the most representative trade fair in China. Its full name since 2007 has been China Imp...
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  • Huaihai Share, Global Fair

    Huaihai Share, Global Fair

    Dear Sir/Madam: Kindly inform that Huaihai Holding Group is going to attend the 127th Canton Fair from Jun. 15 to Jun. 24, we will fully present the whole series of our vehicles with the advanced IT methods of 3D, VR and live broadcast. We would love to invite you to take part in this online fair...
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  • Happy Children‘s Day

    Happy Children‘s Day

    Huaihai wish children around the world a happy Children’s Day! Huaihai wish your children happy children’s day, happy forever! Huaihai wish you heart is still, happy every day!  
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  • Confess this land

    Confess this land

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  • China Brand Day:  feeling the charm of  Huaihai

    China Brand Day: feeling the charm of Huaihai

    May 10th marks the historical significance for Chinese enterprises since it was approved as Chinese Brand Day by the State Council since 2017. The event will be held online this year with the theme of “China Brand, World Sharing, All-Round Moderate Prosperity, Sophisticated Life.” Why is Huaihai ...
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  • Huaihai International pays tribute to the laborer all over the world!

    Huaihai International pays tribute to the laborer all over the world!

    With diligent hands and wisdom, laborers have woven this colorful world and created human civilization. Huaihai Global pays tribute to laborers all over the world on this special day.
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  • Which one is your favoriate?

    Which one is your favoriate?

    Huaihai recommends the following shortlisted names for our new vehicle, which one is your favoriate?
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  • True blue will never strain-The Huaihai’s Secret Live

    True blue will never strain-The Huaihai’s Secret Live

    Huaihai regards quality as the power of enterprise development, we protect the right of global consumers with practical actions. International Consumer Rights Day on March 15th is coming, we will broadcast the quality inspection live of export vehicles to the world to reveal the story behind the ...
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