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    Picking Your Bike: How to Choose the Perfect Bike

            Cycling is a great way to get around, stretching your muscles and getting around. Indulging in the joy of outdoor aerobic exercise is a very effective way to relieve stress, and it can also save fuel and various transportation expenses. Electric bicycles are the latest word in cycling technology. This is an urban bike equipped with an electric motor for improved pedaling and speed. You can ride at a comfortable pace, and the smart motor taps in extra power when you need it. This machi...
  • Higo

    Lithium passenger vehicle “Hi-Go” rollout ceremony

    Dear importers, distributors and end consumers: Thank you for your continued support and trust in Huaihai Holding Group. Huaihai Global will live broadcast the rollout ceremony of the “Hi-Go” lithium passenger vehicle on Facebook at 8:30 am, January 12, 2022 (Wednesday), Beijing time. On this occasion, we will fully demonstrate this intelligent lithium passenger vehicle. Hi-Go, Green Travel! Huaihai Global invites you to join us in our live broadcast, see you then~
  • 封面

    Can A Battery Ride for 10 Years?How to Maintain Your Electric Bicycles’ Battery?

                In addition to the inherent life of the battery, it also depends on the way you use it. Just like your old mobile phone now needs to be charged every five minutes, the battery of an electric bicycle will inevitably age over time. Here are some small tips that can help you minimize losses and maintain power supply for a longer period of time. 1. Correct cadence             The fewer times the battery is charged and discharged, the longer the battery’s service life. Every time...
  • e-scooter

    Folding Electric Scooter FAQs

    Are electric scooters safe? For the most part, electric scooters are a fairly safe mode of transport, but it can vary quite a bit between models. The range of engine power, top speeds, addition of comfort features like shock absorbers and double suspension, and tire and frame build among other factors is quite large, and the safety of each model therefore is variable. The safest models will generally be the ones with high weight capacities, airless or non-pneumatic tires that don’t deflate an...
  • 董DB红色3

    Modelos de batería de litio, mundo de viajes inteligentes(Español)

    Actualmente, podríamos sentir que la contaminación es terrible en todas partes y casi el 85% de las personas respiran aire no saludable, debemos pensar más en nuestro medio ambiente. Creemos sinceramente que los vehículos eléctricos juegan un papel muy importante en la protección del medio ambiente. Al utilizar vehículos eléctricos, obtenemos cero emisiones, es rentable, requiere poco mantenimiento y lo que es más importante, una experiencia de conducción ecológica. Address: https://fb.me/e/W...