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  • 小3.12

    Huaihai Cargo Tricycle H21-Small Size, Great Potential

    We going live this Friday, March 12th, at 4 pm (+8 UTC) to introduce our H21 Electric Cargo Tricycle. Featuring a new structure design with strong load capacity, it can meet the requirement of carrying cargo or passengers. The vehicle can also be disassembled to improve the loading quantity and reduce the unit transport cost. Find out more on why it’s widely used in Southeast Asia and South Asia for short-journey transport!  Address:https://www.facebook.com/huaihaiglobal/posts/28263936342698...
  • 小3.5

    Total Creation & Leding Renovation-Taxi Version 2.0 Chapter 2

    Join us live this Friday, March 5th, at 4 pm (+8 UTC) with our popular Q5N motorized passenger tuk-tuk that’s exported to Africa, South America, and driven by tens of thousands each year! It features a 16l fuel tank that provides an extended driving range of more than 400km. Find out more exciting details soon. Address:https://www.facebook.com/huaihaiglobal/posts/2821862204722950   Which is hot sales all over the world, exporting more than 15000 units each year.43 millimeter diameter i...
  • 小2.26

    Covers the Wind and Rain for You- Cargo Tricycle TL7 with Sunshade

    We’re live this Friday, February 26th, at 4 pm (+8 UTC) to introduce our #TL7 – a largely exported tricycle model globally. Featuring excellent bearing capacity, strong power, stable quality, and wide adaptability, TL7 creates a better standard of living, when used as either a passenger or cargo tricycle. The front and rear ceilings can shelter from the wind and rain, while the driver can sit comfortably in a mounted driving position. Find out more on why it’s so popular when you join u...
  • 小2

    Our tricycle vehicles participated Nakhon Sawan Spring Festival – Thailand’s oldest

    Our tricycle vehicles participated in the float parade, temple fair, and other activities in the 105th Nakhon Sawan Spring Festival – Thailand’s oldest, most prestigious, and largest spring festival activity. Our Thai partner was elected chairman of the Organizing Committee of the festival. Our products are safe and reliable and have a strong carrying capacity, which has become the decisive factor for our products to sell well in Thailand. The localized improvements and innov...
  • 1613783183(1)

    Huaihai Global has made new strides in 2021 when it comes to brand promotion and awareness.

    Huaihai Global has made new strides in 2021 when it comes to brand promotion and awareness. Our partnership with #CCTV over the years has enabled us to push forth awareness of our mini vehicles, in spite of the pandemic environment.  This year, Huaihai Global has locked in the golden hours of CCTV’s advertising placements, including during the upcoming Spring Festival. This will help us on our ongoing quest to “lead in all categories,” pushing Huaihai Global far and bey...