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    99 countries and regions being occupied by our vehicles

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    More than 20 million households worldwide deeply influenced by Huaihai brand

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    6 overseas production bases providing better vehicles solution.


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    Did you know Huaihai’s Q2 appears in the new Marvel blockbuster Black Widow?

    The Q2 appears in a scene set in the coastal city of Tangier, #Morocco. Huaihai products have been exported to 103 countries and regions around the world and have become deeply integrated into the daily life of people and a local essential city symbol. #blackwidow #superhero https://www.huaihaiglobal.com/uploads/7.14.mp4
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    Achieve more with huaihai’s electric tricycle

    #HuaihaiGlobal’s new #lithium battery passenger tricycle features benefits like: √ Intelligent Networked Vehicle Technologies √ Double-Row Passenger Vehicle For 8 People √ Relatively Long Power Platform Service Life √ Good Vehicle Comfort with Low Vibration and Noise √ High-Quality Power Platform Stability √ Simple and Convenient Operation √ Low Daily Use, Maintenance, and Power Platform Cost Launching this Autumn. Stay tuned for more! #PassengerTricycle #minivehcles #electricvehicles
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    How Qualified Loading is Made in Huaihai?

    Join Huaihai live, in Spanish, this Friday, July 23rd at 4 pm (+8 UTC) as present our certified product shipment process including: Items and Quantity Check before Loading Loading Processing Requirements Implementation Random Inspection of Goods and Loading during Loading Manual and Equipment Whole-Process Quality Control Don’t miss this! Address: https://www.facebook.com/huaihaiglobal/posts/2924487231127113 In this video, it shows how the qualified loading is made in Huaihai, which includ...
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    Huaihai meets global urban requirements

    #HuaihaiGlobal’s new #lithium battery passenger #tricycle features a highly efficient long-lasting battery that offers emission-free motoring with fun driving experience that meets future global trends! Discover our new high-speed lithium battery passenger tricycle as we launch it this Autumn! #electricvehicles #minivehcles #carbonneutrality
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    How Qualified Packings Are Made in Huaihai?

    We’re live this on July 16th at 4 pm (+8 UTC) as we show you how packing is completed at Huaihai Global. It will include the procedures and processing of packing and requirements, the quality control before, during, and after packing, and the PDI inspection. Catch the in-depth show this Friday! Address: https://www.facebook.com/huaihaiglobal/posts/2918677528374750 In this video, it shows how the qualified packing is made in Huaihai, which includes: 1. procesures and processing of Packing &am...